Welcome to my blog dedicated to all things retro and vintage!

I am a 35 year old mum, poet and blogger with a degree in Fine art. I have had an interest in all things retro and vintage since I was a child and spent hours visiting my grandmothers after school, hearing their stories, looking at old photographs and admiring their collections of jewellery, scarves and handbags.

I think my love of vintage dresses stems from a traumatic event in early childhood when my mum threw out two precious, billowy, chiffony evening gowns from the 1950’s which I loved to dress up in because they were ‘moth eaten’! I think I have spent my life hoping to find similar (I have forgiven my mum however!)

I decided to set up ‘A Retro life’ primarily for my own needs. I live in the west of Ireland, County Clare to be exact and although I am quite close to Limerick city, we are bereft of vintage shops in this neck of the woods. I have done some online shopping mostly from the states but the cost of post and packaging from there adds a fair whack to your items when you are not buying in bulk.

So that’s why I’m here, hope you will check back often as the site builds!