I’m really enjoying being a part of the Etsy community and exploring this enormous site and all it has to offer. There is so much inspiration available from fashion tips to newbie shop info, I find myself spending hours there. It seems as though whatever question I come up with, someone has already asked and the answers are there for the taking. I love looking at other vintage shops too and seeing whats on offer around the globe.

I’m also having loads of fun wearing vintage myself, figuring out what suits me and how I like to wear it. At the moment I like a look that is not head to toe so if I’m wearing something vintage I will go with a modern bare faced take on the make up end of things. I have a few treasures that I inherited and really enjoy wearing from brooches that I was given by my grandmother to ’80′s dresses from my Mum.

One of my style heroes is the designer Peter O’Brien.Peter is an Irish designer who worked for years in Paris at Christian Dior, Givenchy and Chloe. In 2006 Peter brought out a collection for ‘high st’ store A-wear. I fell in love with it, the classic shapes, the colours and materials all seemed much more expensive than the actual price and I invested. I bought a tuxedo style, navy pinstripe trouser suit and a masculine style overcoat, all very Bette Davis or Katherine Hepburn. I still remember how excited I was at the check out, the beautiful way they were wrapped and the bags they were put in, the lovely postcards which were tied to the outside of the bags which I kept, everything.
(I have this dress in navy)
Since then every time Peter has brought out a collection for A wear I have bought something and they have pride of place in my wardrobe. Just last Sunday I wore a navy silk belted dress with a lace front and collar which moves so beautifully and is always admired, topped by that same coat that I bought back in 2006, now thats what I call an investment!
Peter if you’re out there, thank you!