I have two furs for sale, one coat and this first one is a jacket (or a coat if you were wearing a mini!). It is a rich chocolate brown in colour, very shiny luxurious fur with long guard hairs. It is hip length and though it fastens with furriers hooks it has 6 buttons down the front giving a double breasted affect.These buttons are covered in embroidery and the only real flaw to this fabulous jacket is that two of these buttons are missing their embroidery.
To me this coat is late 60′s early 70′s in style though it is in excellent condition if it dates from then, there is a tiny bit of baldness on two seams which I have photographed but this does not take from the jacket when worn as one seam is hidden and the other is barely noticeable. The lining of the jacket is a silky material with a floral spray here and there on it and it is in perfect condition and includes a tie belt in the same fabric. Size wise the jacket fits me, a British size 12 – 14. At the back the jacket has a cute little half belt.

I am currently selling this on Etsy