This is a gorgeous one of a kind leather coat with fur trim by Julian Vard furriers in Dublin. The coat is mostly leather with a fur collar which is held on with a few stitches but can be removed and some fur also along the bottom. This coat is a British size 12 and is in almost perfect condition with the tiniest tear in the lining. This coat is so warm and cosy while also being super stylish and would dress up any outfit.

This is a gorgeous, unique coat from Julian Vard furriers in Dublin. It dates from the 1960′s and is in near perfect condition though there are a couple of holes in the lining but nothing on the exterior. The coat is small, a British size 8 to 10. This coat is currently for sale in my etsy shop…

This is a  really lovely pair of slip on British size 6.5 shoes. They are in mint condition I would say they have been worn once if at all. They feature a cute little heel and the toe is perfect shiny patent leather. Unfortunately they are too small for me otherwise I would be holding onto these beauties as they would go with so much! These shoes were made in England under the brand ‘Elmdale’

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If you are a fan of classic 80′s style then this is the suit for you! I could so see this on Cyndi Lauper! This suit has it all, shoulder pads, big sleeves, gilt buttons and it is in remarkable condition, if it was worn it was only a few times. Both skirt and jacket are fully lined and someone has taken the lining up on the skirt a little, it must have been hanging down.
This could be worn so many ways together or separately so you could make tons of use of this classic piece.

Label: ‘Echoes’ by Mariam O’Donovan

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