This is a gorgeous vintage 1990′s slip dress. This is the type of dress which was worn by the likes of Courtney Love and co and could be dressed down with a battered pair of boots and a cardi or could equally be worn with a pair of pretty ballerina pumps. The dress is covered in a pretty floral pattern. Bias cut so really flattering to the curves! This dress is a British size 16.

This is a gorgeous one of a kind leather coat with fur trim by Julian Vard furriers in Dublin. The coat is mostly leather with a fur collar which is held on with a few stitches but can be removed and some fur also along the bottom. This coat is a British size 12 and is in almost perfect condition with the tiniest tear in the lining. This coat is so warm and cosy while also being super stylish and would dress up any outfit.

This is a gorgeous, unique coat from Julian Vard furriers in Dublin. It dates from the 1960′s and is in near perfect condition though there are a couple of holes in the lining but nothing on the exterior. The coat is small, a British size 8 to 10. This coat is currently for sale in my etsy shop…

Here I have another gorgeous beaded flapper dress. This one is an overdress and needs to be worn with a slip unless you happen to be very brave! This is a stunning vintage 1920′s beaded gown which falls to calf length with almost waist high splits at either side allowing the heavily beaded skirt to sway with every movement. There are some holes, I have found three, which are to be expected given the age of the piece but they are not noticeable if worn as pictured with a black slip and personally I think that if you truly love vintage and the 1920′s in particular, what’s a few holes?

This is another dress from my favourite era which could have stepped straight off the ‘Great Gatsby’ or ‘Boardwalk empire’ sets and it would be perfect for that special party night. The dress is photographed with a black 1920′s slip which did not originally come with it but you can convo me if you need the slip.

This dress is for sale now in my etsy shop


I’m really enjoying being a part of the Etsy community and exploring this enormous site and all it has to offer. There is so much inspiration available from fashion tips to newbie shop info, I find myself spending hours there. It seems as though whatever question I come up with, someone has already asked and the answers are there for the taking. I love looking at other vintage shops too and seeing whats on offer around the globe.

I’m also having loads of fun wearing vintage myself, figuring out what suits me and how I like to wear it. At the moment I like a look that is not head to toe so if I’m wearing something vintage I will go with a modern bare faced take on the make up end of things. I have a few treasures that I inherited and really enjoy wearing from brooches that I was given by my grandmother to ’80′s dresses from my Mum.

The second fur I have for sale is a beautiful full length piece. It is a warm light brown colour with fluffier fur than the first and I suspect it could be rabbit (you can’t help but stroke it!). This piece is timeless so it is difficult to put a decade on it except to say it is absolutely flawless so may not be very old though style wise it would not have looked out of place in a classic 40′s movie. It is labelled as being a size 14, this is in UK sizing as it fits me and I am a 12-14.
I will find it very difficult to say goodbye to these pieces but my husband will kill me if some stock doesn’t sell before I buy more!

I have two furs for sale, one coat and this first one is a jacket (or a coat if you were wearing a mini!). It is a rich chocolate brown in colour, very shiny luxurious fur with long guard hairs. It is hip length and though it fastens with furriers hooks it has 6 buttons down the front giving a double breasted affect.These buttons are covered in embroidery and the only real flaw to this fabulous jacket is that two of these buttons are missing their embroidery.
To me this coat is late 60′s early 70′s in style though it is in excellent condition if it dates from then, there is a tiny bit of baldness on two seams which I have photographed but this does not take from the jacket when worn as one seam is hidden and the other is barely noticeable. The lining of the jacket is a silky material with a floral spray here and there on it and it is in perfect condition and includes a tie belt in the same fabric. Size wise the jacket fits me, a British size 12 – 14. At the back the jacket has a cute little half belt.

I am currently selling this on Etsy

This is a  really lovely pair of slip on British size 6.5 shoes. They are in mint condition I would say they have been worn once if at all. They feature a cute little heel and the toe is perfect shiny patent leather. Unfortunately they are too small for me otherwise I would be holding onto these beauties as they would go with so much! These shoes were made in England under the brand ‘Elmdale’

I am currently selling these shoes on

This is an amazing dress, vintage 1980′s bestowing on the wearer the illusion of a tiny waist adorned with black embroidery. The skirt has peplum detailing just below the waist. The way the dress folds around the bust gives a lovely shape to the whole piece. The bust ripples out into classic 80′s batwing sleeves. The back of the waistline is elasticated. The colour is a fabulous shade of jade green. The condition is perfect with absolutely no damage what so over. A really unique one of a kind dress.

This dress is currently for sale on Etsy…

This is a beautifully elegant dress which dates from the time when the much loved Princess Diana was known as Lady Di and this dress could have been worn by the lady herself. It is a perfect little polka dot wrap dress which moves beautifully. It has a lovely shape to it because of the clever folding and draping of the material. The dress is a size 14 but would fit larger as it closes simply with two buttons at an elasticated waist and the bust and hips have plenty of material. This would be a lovely occasion dress perhaps for a wedding. It is truly one of a kind.


bust: free

waist (unstretched): 24″ 62cm

hips: free

length: 54″ 138cm

Label: ‘Cognito’, designed and manufactured in Ireland