I’m really enjoying being a part of the Etsy community and exploring this enormous site and all it has to offer. There is so much inspiration available from fashion tips to newbie shop info, I find myself spending hours there. It seems as though whatever question I come up with, someone has already asked and the answers are there for the taking. I love looking at other vintage shops too and seeing whats on offer around the globe.

I’m also having loads of fun wearing vintage myself, figuring out what suits me and how I like to wear it. At the moment I like a look that is not head to toe so if I’m wearing something vintage I will go with a modern bare faced take on the make up end of things. I have a few treasures that I inherited and really enjoy wearing from brooches that I was given by my grandmother to ’80′s dresses from my Mum.

I’m excited to be getting ready to launch the shop end of A Retro life. I have quite a small amount of stock to start off with and each and every piece will be difficult to part with but I am still excited to get started. In a couple of days I have a mannequin arriving so that I can start photographing the stock. As soon as I have some images they will be going up here on the blog, stay tuned!

A few days ago I collected the first consignment of clothes for the shop. I was so excited, two gorgeous, mint condition fur coats, one a very dark, very shiny hip length jacket with ornate buttons, the other a paler brown but equally shiny full length coat. I also received a classic 1980′s leather skirt suit in moss green which hardly appears to have been worn and a current label, 50′s style full skirted dress.

I personally don’t have a problem either wearing or selling vintage fur or leather as it is not supporting the continuity of the fur industry and I think it would be a shame to consign these pieces to the land fill. More detailled descriptions and pictures to follow when the shop is up and running.